Travel and Fishing in Ayolas
The place for great fishing in South America. Here you will find photos including those
from my trips to Ayolas, located on the Paraná river, just across from Argentina
Asado de dorado
Dorado on the grill, I can't wait!!!
The Presidential Vacation Home, no invitation required
The remarkable surubí
The Yacretá hydroelectric dam and it's 20 turbines
Free guided tours available by appointment
The Rio Paraná, from the locks near the Argentine border
Left, and below with Miriam at the bar, photos of a riverside hotel. Very affordable.
Freshwater Dorado
(Salminus maxillosus)
Pacú (Piaractus mesopotamicus), also known as
the vegetarian piranha
Above, great fishing on the Rio Paraná with Jose Felix. Below, a
Paraná Sunset. Right photo, Angie's wonderful children, David
and Milena
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